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Overstepping the Overshare Boundaries – Mothers, I’m looking at you

"no floating babies or women allowed!" by kleemo on flickr

This has been a long time coming…

Yesterday, @blackmansvw and I were in the Stop and Shop when we spied a woman holding her baby. Nothing abnormal, until we noticed that she had her boob out and was breastfeeding her kid as she walked through the market, as if that were a normal, acceptable thing to do. I was mind blown. What was she thinking? Why didn’t anyone stop her?

I’ve held my tongue for a while on this, but something has to be said. When did birthing a child make it acceptable to overshare your motherhood with everyone, whether they care or not? If I have to move to the next car on the train to make room for another poorly managed double stroller, or have to step to the other side of a busy downtown street so that some idiot can walk with their barely tottering two-year old, or see another suckling boob in public, I’m going to go bananas. Having a baby does not make you exempt from common sense (although it gets you a closer parking space at the market, which is so bogus) and, no, I don’t think that anything that you and your kid are doing is cute. So put your boob back in your shirt, pick your kid up and get out of the way of productive human beings, who don’t have to be amused by the fact that you did something that almost every woman on Earth can do.

But it doesn’t stop there. I’ve had to hide people’s Facebook feeds and unfollow folks on Twitter to protect my sanity from the onslaught of belly photos, sonograms, status messages about food cravings and labor countdowns. I’ve had to hide from the constant updates on just how cute their new kid is, just how awesome or unawesome motherhood is, and awkward questions “just for moms out there”. I thought that watching “Teen Mom” was the best form of passive birth control, but oh man, after being forced to experience pregnancy through Facebook, I may never have a baby.

Look, don’t get me wrong. I know where these moms are coming from. Right now, I’m planning my wedding, and I have to restrain myself from posting photos of wedding dresses and statuses of excitement as new developments occur. But I know that, honestly, all of my Facebook friends don’t care. Instead, I send private messages, DMs and text messages to my loved ones. Or ::gasp:: I talk to them on the phone. I understand that I’m not a special snowflake for getting married, but this new generation of moms believe that having babies entitles them to a place in some spotlight. I just don’t get it.

As usual, there’s no logical conclusion to this rant. I will continue to build myself a fort of protection from new moms and maybe having babies will go back to being something that people just did, and not something that women feel that they should be rewarded for. ::shrug::



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