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We are women, see us…tweet?

Hundreds of songs have been made about the joy of being a girl. What about hundreds of blog posts?

What does a “real woman of Twitter” look like to you? What does she wear? What does she tweet about? What does she do?

There are more and more boxes popping up every day for girls to categorize themselves into – Barbie girl, Professional woman, Fashionista, Hipster chick, Tech girl, Gamer girl. Sounds more like a list of super heroes that a list of stereotypes, if you ask me.

This year at Podcamp Boston 5, I sat in a room full of ladies during our Girl Power session, talking about how we can help our fellow woman as we come across barriers, both personal and external. From giving a gal pal a shoutout on #hirefriday to supporting a sister who’s doing a speech at a conference, we all agreed that we should help “push, not just pull” our community of women to achieve great, or at least better, things.

So here’s what I intend to do. I’m now connected to tons of talented Twitter gals all over Boston. Starting locally, my plan is to feature these awesome ladies, one by one, here at the Social.Butterfly.Experiment, until I’ve done my part to give every lady I can a boost to awesomeness.

Do you know a “real woman of Twitter”? Then give her a shoutout, then link back to this article so that I can add her to our list!



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