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This…is…(pre-)PodCamp 5!!

Last year, a friend of mine (@alwillis) invited me to PodCamp, a two day event being held over at UMass Boston where I was told that I could learn more about social media, and meet a lot of local folks who were interested in some of the same things as me.

I went, I saw, I went rogue, I ranted…and one year later, it’s that time of the year again.

PodCamp Boston is going to be held this year at the Microsoft NERD aka “The Gift and the Curse”. And this year, the conference is living up to its name. Yup, it’s all about podcasting. Well, not “all about”, but “focused on”.

I’m just thankful to get to go. There’s definitely a story, and basically, I’m pretty much taking the back door entrance in based on human charity and a series of events. But, hey, that’s the power of social media, right?

You can definitely count me in on sessions like Leslie Lambert’s Sunday talk on Advanced Twitter Tips, Steve Sherlock’s early morning Saturday session, “Blogging 100/101/102” and Chris Abraham’s post-Sunday lunch session on “How to Effectively Reach Thousands of Bloggers with Your Message”. I even highlighted them on my schedule print-out, so you know I’m serious.

You, however, will not find me lining up for lofty, scientific and over-analytical talks about social media that are so far up someone’s butt they’re in The Cloud.

No offense to anyone (because I’m sure that all the sessions this weekend are going to be awesome!), but come on. Get a grip. There are practical uses of social media that we should be discussing (hat tip to Rodrigo Martucci and Marc Pittman) that we’re ignoring to speak about the theology behind Twitter? Instead of looking at the social ramifications of being a society that glorifies self-promotion, we’re discussing the science of Facebook?

Don’t get me wrong. PodCamp is for everyone, and they offer sessions on all types of stuff. I guess I just miss practical sessions, like last year’s “How to Find a Job Using Social Media”, where I learned all about the power of LinkedIn and card.ly. Or even the super slimy session all about Boston’s citywide tech projects. (Side note: I was very disappointed that there aren’t going to be any reps from Boston, or the MBTA, to talk about all the new apps the T just released, or the new service on the Red Line.) I mean, even Brogan’s talk about “something” that turned into a “how much should we charge people for our services” session was at least somewhat informative to someone.

Of course, you could ask, “Well, why aren’t you doing a talk if you have so much to say?” Simple. I don’t think that anyone who does a session at any conference or camp should have to pay to attend. ::shrug::

Hoping that this year isn’t more of last year ::straight face::, my G4 Powershock and I are ready for two days of social media bubble talk, tons of handshakes and maybe a business card swap or two. And this year, I’m flying solo without my wingman, so who knows what’s going to happen.

See ya Saturday!



4 thoughts on “This…is…(pre-)PodCamp 5!!

  1. See you there!

    And for what it’s worth, both Chris Brogan and I paid full fare to attend. You’d think if anyone deserved free tickets, it’d be the founders of the whole enchilada, but we pay full price like everyone else.

    Posted by Christopher S. Penn | September 24, 2010, 8:12 am


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