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gdgt Live in Boston – September 22, 2010

Last night, I experienced the zenith of tech-ness at #gdgtLive in downtown Boston. Lights, music, tables, gadgets and a dude in a Tron costume…basically a geek heaven, complete with one drink ticket. True, I’m not a gadgety person, but I did come out of it more interested in Android phones (do I smell a conversion?) and a little more passionate about the cute and nifty things that make my day-to-day life a little more shiny, connected and new.

Favorite freebie of the night definitely came from the folks over at #gdgt with their simple, yet very cool tee shirts and stickers. Second place is a tie between TomTom and Mimobot. I love free iPhone covers just as much as I love adorable stickers, so I just can’t decide!

Lamest table was probably Olympus. Nothing cool or shiny…or interesting. ThinkPads are pretty lame too, but at least they had a dude in homemade Tron costume to attract me over to hear their spiel. Maybe some eye candy next time, Olympus, or at least a candy bowl?

Honorable mention definitely goes to Kodak, who let people sign out one of their new cameras to try out at the event. They even offered to email you your files when you were done. Nice! I tried out the Kodak PlaySport Zx3, a cute little video camera that can shoot underwater up to 10 feet and looks like it could survive a few drops on a rugged terrain. I was pretty impressed with the durability, but the interface was lacking and I couldn’t figure out how to get it to shoot stills. Either way, I would have loved to have had one in college to shoot all those experimental underwater films I used to dream about, or to document my short-lived interest in sailing, hiking and other outdoorsy stuff.

The “I would actually pay money to buy your stuff” award is a three way tie between T-Mobile, Scosche and Mimobot. I got to play with the T-Mobile Galaxy S, a thin and sexy Android phone that made me feel things that I’ve never felt before about a phone. I would totally pay money to have one of those in my hands right now.

Scosche is, according to them, one the most innovative companies around right now. I can see that. Their mobile accessories are sleek, practical and some are ever solar powered. Whoa. I fell in love with their iPod/iPhone wall charger that comes with a little nightlight, and an extra port to plug in something else. Genius…and available at Newbury Comics. ::win::

Mimobot is absolutely adorable. Based in Alston (I believe), they make USB drives shaped like cartoon characters (like Hello Kitty and Star Wars: The Clone Wars characters) and iPhone covers with cute cartoon designs. Yes, I know that this is nothing new, but there’s just something about the fresh look of Mimobot that makes me want to give them my money. Attention all conference planners and tweetup throwers – They even do custom USB drives for large groups, so make sure to hit them up to get your swag for your next event.

Can’t end this without giving a hat tip to SCVNGR. Before last night, I had begun to hate SCVNGR because I couldn’t figure out what it’s purpose would be. I mean, it’s no where near as convenient as Foursquare, or as reliable as Foursquare, or as practical as Foursquare. Where SCVNGR thrives is at events like #gdgtLive, where the Challenges and Activities aspects of the app get to spread their wings and have a point. Last night, going to certain tables and completing tasks unlocked points that eventually earned you a little treat off their table. I won a cover that I thought was for an iPhone, but was sadly for iPod Touch (so if anyone needs an iPod Touch cover, let me know). Either way, very cool use of the app, although I still think that it’s silly that the Social Check-In task involves doing the hokey-pokey with another phone, and not Bumping.

All in all, @gdgt, you throw a hell of a party. Way to make all of us techies and nerds feel like the cool kids that we know that we are. Looking forward to what you guys have planned in the future.



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