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Drupal Design Camp Boston is coming up!

Really quick, just wanted to give a ::fist pump:: to the folks putting together Drupal Design Camp Boston 2010, which is happening June 19-20 over at MIT. Check them out at http://boston2010.design4drupal.org.

I haven’t been to a Drupal-themed conference since Drupalcon was held here in 2008. (Again, uberprops to Sooz and folks for putting together a stellar gathering) I am SO excited for what’s going to happen at Drupal Design Camp this year! If you haven’t seen the schedule, take a look at http://boston2010.design4drupal.org/schedule.

Here are a few of the session I’m super psyched for:

Introduction to Drupal: I Can Haz Nodes

Drupal Cookbook for New Drupallers

Design in the Browser: Use CSS to Stop Lying to Ourselves and Our Clients

User Experience in the Drupal Universe

Drupal Unplugged: A Design Workshop

I’ve basically already planned out my whole two days. There are some pretty thrilling sounding sessions going on, as well as a job fair and a few BOFs (“Birds of the Feather”s), because, as we all know, the real magic happens in the hallways and conversations.

I recommend Drupal Design Camp for anyone interested in web design. I mean, people say that with Drupal, you get what you pay for (since it’s open-source). But really, Drupal is more than just the core. It’s a community of developers, designers and fans who all just generally love that little blue drop and all the magic that he splashes all over the Internet. Ok…that may be taking it a little too far, but you get my gist. Drupal rocks!

So yeah, I look forward to seeing you all there! ::shocker::



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