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Sex and the City 2: Speaking to the little girl in each of us

You’d think that someone so focused on women and self-esteem would hate the idea of four overly sexed up middle aged women. But no…

I literally just got out of the theater after seeing Sex and the City 2 with five of my awesome lady pals. I’m still so emotionally touched.

SATC2 isn’t looking to win any awards. I don’t even think that it’s out to win hearts after six seasons and now two movies. I think it’s just there, to provide fun and laughter, inspiration and insight, wisdom and perspective to the little girl in each woman who likes to play dress up and have a Carrie day.

I won’t even go into the plot. All I’ll say is that SATC2 is Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte dealing, as usual, with issues that all women face. Samantha’s going through menopause the hard way. Charlotte’s a full time mom dealing with stress and insecurity. Miranda’s dealing with finding her voice and time for her family. And Carrie’s dealing with live together and loving together in her marriage.

I’ve read reviews about this movie saying that it’s too over the top and full of fantasy. I’d like to remind those critics of two things: 1) if the characters were more realistic, the plot would have played more like an episode of True Life: I’m Having a Midlife Crisis. 2) did anyone forget the Carrie went to Paris to live with a 50+ French artist only to have Big fly there and profess his love for her at the end of the series? I don’t think that Sex and the City was ever really that rooted in reality to begin with so why start now?

There’s not much that I can say right now, except that I appreciate my relationship so much more now after seeing that movie, and I can’t wait to get back to my couch and flat screen TV.



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