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Normally, I wouldn’t care, but I live here: What’s wrong with “Massholes”

I hope that this is just a late April Fool’s joke or something…

So, according to Boston.com, Doron Ofir Casting, the folks responsible for TV gems like “Wife Swap”, “Design Star” and MTV’s most recent contribution to the downfall of American society, “Jersey Shore”, are looking to exploit more stereotypes and destroy all that’s good and respectful about Boston and Mass in general with a new show called…you guessed it, “Massholes”.

From Gawker, the call for “characters” requires that folks share a love for muscle “cahs”, hair products, booze and the Sox. Oh, and you have to be either “hot” or “proudly buff”, which probably means that you’ll have to be white. I found it interesting that call starts with, “You come from all over – Gloucester, Worcester, South End, Charlestown, Chicopee and South Swansea”. What about Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan, Eastie or anywhere else where there’s….you know, diversity? The mention of the South End is almost hilarious, especially with the housing projects in that area. But we know that those aren’t the folks they’re referring to.

I was dismayed when Jersey was portrayed as being a land of tanning and scantily clad classless Italians, especially since I went to college with a few black people who were Dirty Jersey Jets fans for life (those are their words).

Boston is at least 30% non-white, and I feel like that may be a low estimate. Either way, I feel like that warrants adding “You love shopping on Blue Hill Ave and hanging out at Downtown Crossing” to the casting call. Or even “You never miss a festival, regardless of who it’s for”. Something to draw in more than just our typical annoyingly drunk Bostonites who crowd the B-line to go party in Allston, or who get lost trying to get to Bruins games because they never take the Red Line, or take the Braintree train at 8am in the party clothes and stilettos from last night and taste of beer and sweat still in their mouths (Yup. I saw you. Scandalous.)

I love living in Boston because of the diversity. I feel like these city life shows do nothing but put the horrible stereotypes about a place under a hard white light that does nothing but expose the xenophobia, classism and racial undertones of a community. Why not celebrate the history, culture and different classes of one of America’s richest cities instead of making light of a culture of absolute douchebags who live and plague a city? Seriously, just from reading the call, you know someone who’d be perfect for the show. Or you’ve encountered someone who you think would be a perfect fit. Me, I’d nominate the drunk chick on the bus back from the Harpoon St. Patty’s beer party, or the dudes that were fighting on the Red Line one night after a Bruins game, or most of the entrants in the Boston Beer Marathon (wait…I do the Beer Marathon…nevermind)…

Either way, I’m sad to see what this “Massholes” show is going to bring to Boston, besides a lot of negative attention and a glorified sense of entitlement amongst all of the proud, the drunk, and the white. Oh and the tourists. More f-ing tourists.



One thought on “Normally, I wouldn’t care, but I live here: What’s wrong with “Massholes”

  1. The casting staff just wants to “move Boston forward” like Mumbles..smh

    Thanks for writing how sad…

    Posted by Ginnette | April 12, 2010, 7:01 pm

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