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Live Blogging: Codman Square Neighborhood Council Meeting (3/2010)

Again, sorry this is late…

C11and D3 are up first with updates.
Since our last meeting in February, there have been 80 incidents in the area that have needed police assistance. There has been an uprising in the number of robberies and larcenies at local bodegas and corner stores. Sadly, some of the store owners and employees have been taming things into their own hands. No good. Please, call the police instead. Also, if you hear you car alarm go off, and you’re concerned, please call the police first. There has been an incident concerning car thefts recently. B3 has a program for seniors who go to Dorchester High, where they pay for their dress and limo ride to prom. If you know anyone, contact them for more info. There is also a B3 fundraiser dinner coming up. Also, contact them for more info. An audience member asks about a shooting/murder recently. Ongoing investigation. No information.

C11 is up next. March 11 is their next monthly meeting, over by Savin Hill. 130 Auckland Street, guests include some real CSI folk. Very cool. He also introduces his new boss. Welcome. 54 documeted incidents, 11 arrests since February. 521 Washington Street, there was a shopliftng robbery and subsequent arrest from the Safe Street Team. He also outlines a few other arrests, one for running a stop sign with no license and a few bags of pot…in his girlfriend’s car. The officer gives a warning: don’t let folks borrow your car with no license. He also talks about people who leave their cars running in front of houses or coffee shops and the cars are stolen. Bad news. It’s not worth it, so don’t do it.

Next up is the Safe Street Team Codman Square. He reports that the team took the youth in the area out for iceskating at Frog Pond. A few of the Bold Teens get up to talk about it and the other events that the team sponsors with the kids.

Apparently, TMobile presented last month about a project to install something in Dorchester. Not totally sure. Either way, some members of the community are here to thank the Codman Square Community for their help with a petition. Not totally clear. Sorry.

A representative with the Osiris Institute is here. The Osiris Institute is a stabilizaion program for families with children with issues concerning education and deliquency. They bill through insurance and go into the homes to take the kids out into the community to get connected and enrich their lives. Cool stuff.

Updates from the Codman Square Health Council. Saturday April 10. Save the date. Job fair! Job fair! 9am-1pm. It’s going to be at the Russell Auditorium over on Talbot Ave. All ages! Bring your resumes! Oh. and it’s CORI friendly. And it’s a health fair too. Nice.

Updates about the sign ordinance. It’s finally being enforced. With tickets. Two meetings for merchants to learn more. March 16 and 24. Contact the neighborhood council for more info, times and locations.

Yay. The Farmers Market! Time to start thinking about buying your share. Oh and local merchants can sign up to sell foods thst they’ve prepared themselves. Baked goods, flowers, whatever. Sweet! Way to make things inclusive.

More questions and comments about the storefront labelling ordinance.

Thanks to Summit Electronics for the refreshments!

Freemasons and Eastern Stars from a local lodge, MW George Washington Carver Grand Lodge and Grand Chapter. They are here to give a little information about what they do in the community. They’ve been around since 1945 and their purpose is to perform and establish educational, civic and social activities. They also have a youth fraternity for guys 7-18 to help them to be “better men”. The Grand Chapter also has a scholarship for kids graduating from high school, as well as the Betty Meredith Order of Sunbeams from girls from 7-18. So what should we take from this? Well, the lodge wants you to consider them as their neighbor, as their programs are open to the community.

Keona from the Youth Development Network is next. She wants to give a little information about what the network is all about. Their goals are wellness and well-being and development. They provide a free yoga class at the Perkins Community Center every Wednesdsay from 6-7. They also go into homes to help familes and kids with education and enrichment.

Someone from the Codman Square Library is here. They meet every third Monday at 6. All are welcome. Sounds like there is a threat of them closing. There is a survey to see what types of services you’d like to see at the library. The library needs all of your support. The Codman Square Council has drafted a letter of support for the library. March 13. Big meeting. Come show support.

Folks here to talk about climate change in Boston. Apparently,  it’s a priority for the mayor. Good to know. There are workshops taking place to educate people and get opinions about climate changes. March 15. Meeting at Hibernian Hall to talk about upcoming policies. 530. Be there! Register online at www.cityofboston.gov.

Updates from the Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation. Over at the NDC, they’re buying and rehabbing foreclosed multi-family homes and renting and selling them to community folk. He’s outlining several properties they plan to buy and manage.

On to announcements from the crowd:
Someone here from BoxOut to talk about an event they’re having for teenagers looking for enrichment programs. March 27 from 930-3pm.
Bold Seniors meeting this Saturday from 10-noon. So cute that the Bold Teens are working with them.
Charles Yancey Book Fair on April 10 from noon-3.
Russel Holmes is running for State Representative. He’s here to introduce himself to us.

And we’re out!



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