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Quickness: R.Kelly and Tyrese are trying to destroy your children

What the heck is this coonery?

Have you heard this madness? So R.Kelly got together with a “writing team” and “wrote” this song, “Pregnant”. Then he went through his little black book of R&B singers who’s careers hadn’t been affected by the herpes that we’re calling music these days and found Tyrese. So he called Baby Boi up and had him come over and sing this little diddy with him. Then, oh oh, to make matters worse, he dragged Robin Thicke and The Dream into the gutter on the remix, as if T-Pain and Trey Songs weren’t available to skank up this song properly.

Here are some of my favorite lines:

from Mr. Kelly: “Shes more than a mistress enough to handle my business, now put that girl in my kitchen. Girl you make me wanna get you pregnant.” – Now if that’s not a pick up line, I don’t know what is. “Ooo baby, you are so cute, I just want to impregnate you and put you in my kitchen cooking my meals and rollin’ my blunts.” Like…have our standards as women dropped that low that we’re ok with this?

from Tyrese: “Tell me what your name is. I can make you famous. We can pop champagne and get right down to sexing…” Tyrese, you can’t even make yourself famous. So how are you making some random lil’ ho famous, unless you plan on making a sex tape, and normally you don’t do that to chicks you’re trying to knock up, unless you’re on some super grimy bastard logic.

Like, when did getting pregnant become fun and sexy? R. Kelly didn’t say ” Ooo girl I want to start a family.” He just wants to get her pregnant, and then put her in his kitchen…that doesn’t sound like a family at all. The whole idea behind this is destructive. I mean, I was troubled when Jagged Edge sang “We ain’t getting no younger, we might as well do it” and totally made getting married something you do just because…well…there’s no reason not to. Now we’re taking something so serious, that needs to be taken seriously but just isn’t anymore, like making babies and creating live, and we’re turning it into a pick up line.

I can’t even post a link to this song because I don’t want to pass this virus on to ‘nere other person. We need to wake up and protect our children from this nonsense. And really, we need to do better as a people.



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