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Three reasons why you should check out White Chrome this weekend in the D.O.T!

I love how @alwillis’ Posterous is the first link on Google for White Chrome. Too funny…

This Saturday is going to be huge! For all my Dot Rats and coffee connoisseurs, White Chrome is this Saturday (10/24) over at the Flatblack Coffee Company at Ashmont Station.

What is White Chrome, you ask?

Imagine the most intense fair trade coffee competition with baristas from coffee shops all over the city competing for the title of best barista in the city. There will be coffee tastings, free lattes, broadcasts, demos and discussions, all ending with the competition and an award ceremony over at Tavolo. It’s gonna be hella fun! And it’s free!

Still not convinced? Well, here are my top three reasons why you should come out for White Chrome:

  1. It’s Fair Trade Month. All FlatBlack coffee, and all coffee at White Chrome, is Fair Trade, meaning that it supports farmers in an attempt to help them  compete and sustain themselves in a competitive market.
  2. You love coffee. And they’ll be basically giving it out for free!
  3. You’ll be in Dorchester anyway for Dorchester Open Studios. Might as well stop by and see what all the hullabaloo is about anyway, right?

That’s about it. Again, it’s an all day event, so you can stop by anytime. Or leave and come back. Or stay all day. It’s not like there won’t be coffee around to keep you perked up 🙂

Hope to see you there!



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