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Quickness: The realest shyt JCole ever wrote…

I have to admit that I’m a super JCole fan. Not only is he hot, but he’s super talented. Not the best live performer yet (SneakerPimps was a lil…meh) but I love what this dude has to say. I honestly listen to “A Star is Born” from BP3 every morning on my way to work and get so inspired by JCole’s verse:

And could I be a star?
Does fame and this game have to change who you are?
Could I be the same one who came from a far away life,
just to make it in these broadway lights?
Now shining in the broad day light. Go figure –
a slow transition from a lil broke nigga from the Ville,
Got a deal, a real life saver,
dreams of being behind the wheel like Jada.
I chill now, cop a lil ice later. Cole you got the glow like a lil lightsaber.
So clap for him, then applaud Hov. He gave em the platform,
flow so sick thought he wrote the rap for him.
No sir,
the flows cold as a shoulder of a gold digging hoes when a broke nigga approaches.
Told y’all I’m focused man. I’ll let you muthfuckas soak it in.

Clap for him.

I love it. Very powerful words for a lil’ poor black girl from Baltimore just trying to make my own come up.



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