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Ashmont Grill: A Love Story

Once upon a time on Ashmont Hill…

If you live in Boston, or anywhere in MA with a car and haven’t been to Ashmont Grill over on Dorchester Ave., you are totally missing out! Amazing food, the best bartenders in city, and great music. Love the staff, love the location, love the friendly neighborhood feel. Screw Cheers! Over on Ashmont Hill, everyone knows your name over at Ashmont Grill!

But, yeah, back to my love story.

So once upon a time a girl moved from Baltimore to Boston. She had a secret quest to find the best drink ever.

Around the corner from her was a little place called Ashmont Grill. She walked in and was greeted by a hot apple cider. This cider wasn’t your normal cider. Oh no, this cider was special. Yummy warm apple cider spiked with rum and served in a cinnamon-rimmed mug. The girl was instantly in love.

Time passed and the seasons changed. Summer came and the girl went in one day looking for her cider and it was gone. Apparently, it was a “seasonal drink” and had been replaced with the strawberry-infused mojito. This was something new for the girl. It was crisp and refreshing, and tasted of giggles and happiness. Basically, it was strawberry-flavored sex in a glass. And the girl fell in love again.

It was the best summer ever. Strawberry-flavored mojotos flowed through the girl and she felt that she had finally completed her quest.

Then the seasons changed again. It became cold. The strawberries were gone and the girl lamented.

But then, oh happy day! Absolut released a new flavor: Absolut Boston! At Ashmont Grill, they began to make Timmy Teas, a flavorfully amazing Absolut Boston concoction. And, again, the girl fell in love.

Weeks have passed and the girl and the Timmy Tea are still together. Happy ever after? Probably. Hopefully. And she still occasionally partakes of the hot apple cider. But for her, it’s all about the Timmy Tea. ❤

The end.

Ashmont Grill is located at 555 Talbot Ave in Dorchester. Check it out. And ask Tara to make you a Timmy Tea. You will not be disappointment.



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