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Climate Change and the Urbanista

What can we really do to positively effect climate change?

If you’re a big city girl (or guy) like me, you know that climate change is an issue. We’re told that our exhaust fumes and hairspray and litter are destroying the ozone and melting the ice caps. And they’re right. Cities have a HUGE affect on the environments that they surround.

But I’m just one person, one uber-trendy urbanite who wants to save the planet. What can I do?

Here’s a list of things that us city folk can do to effect climate change:
1) Use reusable shopping bags. I know this one is hammered into our brains. But, really, it cuts back on paper and plastic consumption, clutter, and can be pretty trendy.

2) Recycle.  Boston makes this SO easy! The city provides reusable plastic bins that you can dump all of your recyclables into. But yeah, we all know that recycling rocks!

3) Take public transportation. This isn’t easy in all cities. But in larger metro areas, it’s easy, fun and often cheaper and less stressful to take the train or the bus. This also counts biking. Tons of cities, including Boston, are super bike friendly, and there are bike share programs that you can get involved with!

4) Support your local farmers. Being a locavore is awesome, especially in cities where local farmers have farmers markets and other open-air food extravaganzas. It supports things that are good for the environment, and is just generally more healthy.

5) Hold yourself accountable. While your effect on the baby polar bears crying on the sinking, melting ice caps in the Arctic may not be apparent to you right now, it does exist. Every piece of trash we refuse to throw away, every plastic bag we use, every time we generally waste, we’re affecting the environment. Once we begin to take responsibility for how our actions, we can take a real look at what we’re doing.

I know that none of this is new. I’m pretty sure that thousands of bloggers today will be bringing up ideas like this. Like I said earlier in one of my other blogs, I feel that the most people we have affirming something in the world, the more likely it is that that thing will become truth.

Happy Blog Action Day everyone!




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