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Thoughts on Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

I’m pretty sure that we all now know that President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. So…congratulations!

But can we now get back to the issues at hand? I’m not really talking about the POTUS here. I’m pretty sure that he’s going to carry on with business as usual, dodging blows and trying to do a good job.

I just hope that as a people, especially as a black people, we don’t take this cookie and run with it. Twitter is all…well, a-twitter with people celebrating, as it should be. But I’ve noticed that there is a little less “look at what the GOP/government/special interest group is doing!” Like, no one is at all phased that NASA crashed a rocket into the moon.  That’s a HUGE deal, yet, it’s not as sensational, so it gets no press. (Maybe that was the plan all along? ::side eye::)

Either way, I dunno. There is no conclusion here, just a hope that we’re not blinded by the most sensational POTUS in history and the patterns that are apparent.



One thought on “Thoughts on Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

  1. First I read the President got the Nobel and then I watched the rocket hit the moon. Symbolism aside I think you are right. We’ve got our priorities backwards.

    Posted by stevemacgregor | October 9, 2009, 5:09 am

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