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Reactions to Chris Brown’s Larry King Live “Interview”

I really feel bad for Chris Brown. Wait, wait, before you jump down my throat, hear me out.

I do feel bad for Chris Brown. He’s a child surrounded by a bunch of infantile “professionals” in charge of keeping the bubble that he’s living in intact. He’s basically the modern-day equivalent of the emperor from “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. No one wants to tell him the truth, so he walks around looking like an ass, oblivious that really, he’s #notagoodlook.

So I’m watching the interview a day late, of course, because I still don’t have cable. (By the way, thanks again to @brokencool for posting the entire interview on his site!) And I’m so saddened and disturbed. There’s no room for anger. It was really just pathetic.

So you have Chris Brown, the chosen one, the prodigy, the wet dream of thousands of teen age girls and guys, sitting on camera in a baby blue sweater and a bowtie. I’m not even going to start on how lame of a fashion choice that is, but it seems to me that this was all a part of an elaborate scheme to have us look at him as a nice kid who took a wrong path. Really, it just made him look like more of a douchebag, but, hey, if it walks like a duck, dances like Michael Jackson and beats on women, it’s probably a douchebag. And Chris, he’s just kinda sitting there, shucking and jiving, spinning and dancing around all the important questions, like “Why did you hit her?” and “Was there alcohol involved?” and “What happened that night?” and pretending that everything is really all peas and carrots now. Like, oops, glad that’s over and I can get back to real life, as if all that happened was he took his dog to vet for ear lice. I’m not sure of this, of course, but I wonder if Chris really knows what’s going on? Like, has he really taken time to have it sink in that he annihilated a woman’s face with his fists? Does he realize that he publicly, in the past year or so, has made it acceptable to do the following things:

  1. Wear skinny jeans.
  2. Wear bow ties and vests with said jeans.
  3. Be pretty.
  4. Beat your girlfriend and then apologize without giving any reason whatsoever.

I’ve been keeping up with Twitter and blog trends around this whole Chris Brown thing, and you’d be surprised at the number of women who believe that Rihanna “should have never snitched” or “probably deserved it”. Like I said in my earlier blog post after Chris posted that bogus YouTube apology, months and years later when the number of young black girls in abusive relationships continues to rise, turn to Chris Brown then and see what his community service did to help the situation. At one point in the article, he said that he wishes that he could do for the community than just clean graffiti and pick up trash. Don’t worry buddy, you’ve already done enough. Please. Stop. “Helping”.

It’s obvious that Chris Brown is just not making the correct connections. He said things in his interview like, “I think that my sentence was fair” and “People always think that celebrities get off easy. I want to show that they don’t.” Not really. Like Larry King said, most people who bash a woman’s face in get jail time, not probation and community service. He made statements comparing his relationship with Rihanna to that of Romeo and Juliet? Like really, has he even read “Romeo and Juliet”? That book was about two kids in love from warring families that ended up killing each other due to miscommunication and blinding passion. I really just don’t see the correlation. Maybe we were reading different translations. Or maybe he’s referring to “Romeo Must Die”, ‘cause I never saw that movie…I dunno. He said that he think that he and Rihanna can still be friends? Friends? FRIENDS? Really? That’s the logic of a child. You didn’t just play-hit her. You didn’t just push her down, or call her a bad name. You pounded her face in. If Rihanna is still your friend after this, then really, she’s an idiot too. Even saying that on television shows a lack of mental maturity.

I’m not even really going to talk about the mom and the lawyer, who basically did the whole interview. What you saw was Chris Brown digging himself deeper into a hole of bullshit while his mom and lawyer stood above him trying to make the bullshit into pretty sandcastles of “Oh, Chris comes from an abusive home” and “Oh, the media blew everything out of proportion” and “Oh, Chris is really sorry”. It really was hilarious. But it was more harmful than helpful. Allowing Chris Brown to shelter himself behind the lawyer’s jokes and quips and the mom’s sob story doesn’t help bring closure to this situation. It just fortifies the bubble.

I really don’t think that Chris Brown was ready for this interview. As @insanityreport mentions in his blog post about the interview, Chris hasn’t had time to really think about this before he apologizes. It’s too soon for reactions and apologizes and trying to move on. Sentencing just happened. Take some time to internalize and really learn something, so that you can move on properly.

Don’t get me wrong. I hate the idea of women being abused. I hate the idea that Chris Brown is getting off free and Rihanna is still just a silent victim. But I have to look Chris Brown for what he is: an idiot plagued by ignorance that cannot be cured until he blast through his bullshit with some clarity.



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