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Instant Reaction to this whole Gates tragedy

Right now, I’m somewhere between anger and sadness. We need to do better.

I admit. I’m on fire right now. After watching the Chris Brown video, I watched Joe Jackson’s #nigorance (yes I use hashtags for Twitter in real life) on Larry King Live. Let me just stop to say that that was just plain trifling. Trifling. Your son just died, you asshole! Grrrr….show some f-ing respect.

Anyway, after that, I somehow stumbled onto an article about Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s arrest in Cambridge. Basically, here’s what happened:

Mr. Gates came home and found that his door was a lil’ broke. So he asked his driver to help. Soon after, the cops pulled up and started giving him a hard time, saying that it was reported that he was breaking into the house. Two black guys + struggling to get door open + nice neighborhood = robbery…makes totaly sense right? No. So anyway, Gates shows them his Harvard ID, seeing as he is a professor there, and they were still giving him slack. So, he does what any other angry person of any race or gender does: he gets angry and he yells. And he’s arrested for disorderly conduct…

Yeah, take a minute and let that shyt sink in.

So anyway, of course the police are gonna drop the charges, coz there are too many educated people in Cambridge to let that slide. Like, this dude has photos of him with President Clinton…really, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t need a pass to live in a swanky neighborhood and they really don’t want to have to deal with the backlash if they did press charges. Like I said no Twitter, white people in the process of losing their minds. They haven’t totally lost them and gone full retard yet.

But this whole thing has me thinking. First, in Philly, white people made it obvious that they still want their own space by kicking those kids out of that pool. Now, it’s hitting me close to home. I go to Cambridge a lot for tons of random things. Are white people saying that really, it’s no black folk allowed? I mean, I’m definitely no Henry Louis Gates Jr…. so am I really allowed to be there?

I joke sometimes with one of my white friends that when we go places she’s my access pass. I just know that there are certain places that I don’t need to be without a white people to vouch for me. She jokes back that when we are in certain urban settings, I’m her hood pass. Is that really how it works though? Are we to the point with blatant racism that without some person of the same ethnic background as the community that you’re going to to vouch for you, you’re just not allowed? And I’m not just talking about white people. Black people are just as bad. We will taunt a white person in a second if they step into our neighborhood, as if it’s “no whites allowed”.

I think that what’s even more f-ed up is that, as I was reading the comments on the Boston.com article from readers, there was a lot of  “We have a Black president. Let it go” and “It’s not racial profiling just because he’s black.” Really, that kinda hurts. I mean, come on white people. When are you going to start looking at things for what they really are and not for what you’re teaching everyone else that you want it to be. The Cambridge cops called for backup on him. He’s almost 60 years old! Would they have called for backup on a 60yr old white man?! I doubt it. They only showed up in the first place because someone said they looked sketch. Would two white guys fumbling at a door in a uber-nice neighborhood have looked sketch? Hmmm…and then he was arrested for disorderly conduct? Umm..yeah I’d be pretty disorderly too if you were trying to arrest me for opening my own damn door.

You know, I really love living in Boston because I love the open-mindedness and the sense of equality and freedom. I’m starting to see that that was all a facade.



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