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Instant Reaction: A letter to Chris Brown

Early Tuesday morning angry black girl rant.  I apologize in advance.

Dear Chris Brown,

Have you seen this crap you put out yesterday?

You have to be fucking kidding me. Really? Really? Really?

So you’re allowed to beat and bite the crap out of your girlfriend and then just read a prepared statement, throw the word “God” around and few times, and everything is just back to being peas and carrots? Really?

So it quasi-irks me that Obama has become the teleprompter president, relying on a screen to read a few of his important speeches. But come the hell on Chris (and I’mma call you by your first name, ’cause we need to get a lil’ real and personal), you can’t just read an apology and come off as sincere. Throw some tears in there. Stutter a few times. Make it look like your lawyer and PR people aren’t behind the camera giving you the thumbs up as you speak. Like, am I really supposed to believe that? I didn’t believe when I saw your ass out clubbing after “the incident” or when your happy, dancing behind was scooting around on that jet ski, or when you blatantly starting taunting the intelligence and respect levels of the public via the paparrazi.

I get it, you wanted in on the BET awards. You want the chance to moonwalk and sing Michael Jackson songs before that whole thing dies down. Maybe you have an album coming out soon? What is it Chris? What do you want that made you think it was a good idea to sit in front of that camera and shovel bullshit onto America?

And what’s more messed up is that your fans, your dumb-ass high top wearing, tight jeans and scarf donning teenage harem, probably thinks that that shyt is ok. Basically, you just helped to further destroy the self esteem of black teenage girls. Thanks a lot. From the beginning, girls have actually thought that your wack, coonery-loving ass was right to beat the crap out of that girl “because she provoked” it, and now that you’ve apologized, all they’ll see is “well, his sad puppy dog eyes say he’s sorry so I still love him”. Ten years from now, sadly, when we’re still watching the rate of girls getting beat and killed by their boyfriends and spouses, let’s look at niggas like Chis Brown who are basically telling dudes that when that bytch acts up, just beat the crap out of her and then apologize and ::poof:: it’s all good.

Like, really, dude. Get it together. I don’t care how many times you tell me that you talked to God, or your spiritual councelors, or your mom, this just doesn’t fly. I know that you’re gonna get mad love now and super props for “being the bigger man” but for real Chris Brown, and I’m sure that tons of people feel this way, dude…

Fuck you.




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