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This just in: Ryan Reynolds is destroying the comic universe

I haven’t seen this much destruction in the world of Marvel since House of M…and boy, was that a doozy…

Just something short and sweet. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but Ryan Reynolds is taking over the comic book movie industry, and no one is doing anything about it.

Background: So, basically, Ryan Reynolds started out as everyone’s favorite asshat. I love love loved him in “Waiting”, starring the guy from the Mac commercials and the chick from the “Scary Movie” franchise. He’s also done a few romantic comedies and had small roles in a couple of other movies. Don’t get me wrong. The kid has talent.

So when he popped up as Deadpool/that other guy with the swords in “XMen Legends: Wolverine”, I was a little confused. Then I remembered that he was that guy in Blade, so I let it pass and watched as he did an ok just with the character. I mean, Deadpool is a douchery-type mutant anyway, so I thought that it wasn’t horrible casting on the part of Marvel.

When I heard that they were making a “Deadpool” movie with Reynolds as the title character, I really wasn’t that surprised. I mean, the ending of Wolverine lends itself to another movie, so…OK.

But now I hear that this mofo was cast as the Green Lantern. Oh…hell…no! How can you be three different action heroes from two separate comic universes?! Like, his role is Blade allows him a chance to be another super hero. So you picked Deadpool. That’s it. You’re done. You can’t be every super hero now. Give someone else a turn!

(I’m not even going to get into the fact that Green Lantern shoulda been a black guy. I mean, at Six Flags, he’s black. On the cartoon, he’s a black guy. So why is he a white guy for the movie? Sketch…but more on that later…)

Anyway, WTF? By making Ryan Reynolds the poster boy for every mutant guy, you’re basically destroying the comic universe, where every mutant is an INDIVIDUAL! Like, how is he gonna be Deadpool in the Marvel world AND Green Lantern in DC world. I’m sorry, but I don’t like my comics to mix that often. Just aint right. I mean, it’s like if Tobey Macguire played Spiderman and then got cast as The Flash. It just doesn’t make sense.

Really, this is just another example of how movie folk don’t think that people think anymore. Continuity is important in the comic world. It just has to be respected, and trust me, we will notice that the Green Lantern is 1) white and 2) Deadpool.



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