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Sorry, Fox, I might be “more to love” but I’ll be damned…

As a big girl in America, I am thoroughly insulted…big girl blasphemy.

So I’m sitting here watching So You Think You Can Dance and every commercial break, I’m bombarded with commercials for Fox’s new upcoming reality show “More To Love”. Here’s the general premise: Think Flavor of Love with a fat dude and a house of fat chicks. Great idea right? I mean, it’s awesome that fat girls get to be on TV embarrassing themselves and fighting over penis in the same way that tons of skinny sluts have done before them. However, I feel like they’re getting uber gyped. I mean, the Bachelors are generally attractive dudes. Flava Flav at least has money…I think. But this dude is some super standard looking, not that hot white boy. Not cute in the face or anything. He just screams “Sorry, I’m not good in bed, but at least my self-esteem is low enough that I’ll let you run over me”. And all these chicks are like “I’m so lucky to potentially have him”. Like all these chicks, some of whom are generally attractive girls, are totally downgrading just for love? Like sexy dudes don’t like fat chicks? Is that what we’re teaching people now? Like, for real, f- tha, cause I’m hot and I’m not a size two either.

I dunno why I’m so annoyed. I think that it’s just lame that Fox is trying to break stereotypes…however, they’re doing in by feeding into other stereotypes. Bogus.



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