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Reactions from the MJ Memorial

Sorry this is so late. I totally forgot to post this yesterday ❤

OK, so this is going to be short and sweet, since I’m writing this from work because I am currently Internet-less at home.

Just got done watching the Michael Jackson memorial service via CNN.com. First off, I want to thank CNN for providing a reliable live feed, integrated with Facebook statuses, so that I could spend the whole day doing no work and watching the world send the King of Pop home the way he would have wanted it. For live coverage, check out my Twitter feed at www.twitter.com/rawrmeans143.

Anyway, I just wanted to note that my initial reaction is one of inspiration and love. Michael Jackson was accused of being a lot of things that I won’t mention here, but the thing that we should focus on his the love that he had and the ideal vision of life that he strove for – one where all people of all walks could come together and love and help each other. Right now, my heart is full of just love. Love for friends. Love for strangers. Love for people I hate. Love for the ones that I love most. It’s so touching, especially working in the social justice field, to see that there are or were people who generally have a love for everyone and just want to help.

As a kid, I remember wanting to be Michael Jackson. My mom had a sticker on the fridge that she got from somewhere that talked about the importance of healing the world. I would read it all the time and then go listen to my “We Are the World” record (yes, I just said record) over and over again. When I graduated from college, I would listen to this Michael Jackson anthology that I made whenever I was depressed, which was really most of the time…and work on loving me, knowing that that was the first step to loving others. When I heard of his passing, I didn’t believe it. Like, I believed it, but I didn’t see how it would affect me, so I didn’t internalize it. Now that I’ve sent him home in my own way, I’m seeing the remarkable human being that we’ve lost.

I hope that in my own way, I hope that I’m able to carry on the vision of Michael Jackson to the world.



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