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Why Beth Ditto rocks my socks, and soon, she just might design them

Absolute inspiration. I need a photo of me like this! Who has a camera?

If you don’t know her name, you better get familiar bytches!

Beth Ditto, lead singer of the Gossip, LGBT advocate and lesbianista rockstar hottie is soon to release her own fashion line in the UK and US through Evans, a boutique-type store for the plus-sized ladies. Oh hell yes!

Why does this make me so excited?!

Well, one, because the Gossip rock and Beth Ditto is the absolute sheeze. Everything she touches turns into Skittles-flavored gold!

Two: I love that there’s finally a big girl line of clothes that I can support and get into. Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart are nice but dang, why does everything have to be a muumuu dress or some overly colorful shirt thingy with a belt? Plus sized girls are rockstars too! Skin tight, deep necklines, crazy colors…and VINTAGE! Yes! I am so excited by the thought of plus-sized vintage inspired looks. I’m so sure it’s gonna cost like $50 for a shirt, but I am so willing to splurge to support the sexy.

I apologize for my random excitement, but I am so down with this chick right now. For the most part, plus-sized celebs always drop the weight to “fit in” (::ahem:: Tocarra ::ahem:: Kelly Osbourne ::ahem:: Star Jones) I understand health issues, but does Beth Ditto let a little potential diabetes get in the way of fashion?! NO!

Shoot, I’m about to go eat something just to catch up!



One thought on “Why Beth Ditto rocks my socks, and soon, she just might design them

  1. Bette rocks!

    Posted by thanktank | April 26, 2010, 4:14 pm

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